Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here Are Some Mandatory Points To Get Approve For Google Adsense, We all Know That google Adsense is a Great Way To earn Money Far Better Than Other PPC CPC Networks because Adsense Paying Rates Are To High But The Main Problem is That to get Approved By Adsense And It's Not Easy, Your Blog or Site Should Follow There Policy To Get Approve So Here Are Some Important Points You Need To follow To Get Approve Your Blog or Site For Adense

1. Write Fresh and Original content

Write your own content and never publish copied content  if you are publishing copied content in your blog then Google AdSense will never approve your application.And remember one thing Google loves fresh and original content. So write fresh and Original content and it will also increase your  page rank and blog’s traffic.

2. Age of your site

In Google AdSense policy they require 6 month old blog. And well it takes 6 months to optimize your blog, But in real if your content is so good then you not need to wait for 6 months you just need to wait for a single month to Get approve

3. Add your blog into search engines

You have to add your blog into different search engine like Google , yahoo , Bing so you can get traffic using that search engine and in AdSense its also require to add your site in the different search engine just Google Search engine Submission and you find tons of site who submit you'r site to hundreads of search engines

4.Number of posts require to get approved by Google AdSense

You must have published more then 25 posts before applying for Google AdSense approval . And write 100 to 300 words in each posts so you can get traffic from search engine and you will get approved by Google AdSense within a week.

5. Fill the AdSense forum accurately

Don’t write fake address in AdSense signup forum because later it will send you a post to verify your address and Once You Submitted Your Application You Can't Change Your Address. Fill address forum correctly and don't use proxy while applying for Google AdSense account.

Now Just wait for 2-3 business days for their reply